What’s the best curling iron for waves?

Gorgeous, wavy hair is every girl’s dream. As the technical advancement in the field of hair care industry grows, so is the beauty that can be created with our hair. You may wonder how I should create wavy hair with the best curling iron for waves. The curling iron is one of the best tools invented to make the hair look like it has been styled in the top salon. The main features that a curling iron has to have for best results are barrels of different sizes to produce different effects, the adjustable arrangement for heat in the barrel, barrel made of good material etc. Using these curling irons would be very easy. We have to make sure curling iron hairstyle is different from flat iron hairstyle. It is not only easy but also very economical and time-saving.  There would be problems like the exposure of hair to excess heat, which have to be taken care of.

Here are some of the best curling iron for waves

Pro Beauty Tools Professional Speed Waver

The Pro Beauty Tools Professional Speed Waver has ceramic plating, which would be best for hair which is frizzy.  Bringing a specific style to such sort of hair is very difficult. This curler has the power to smooth-en such sort of frizzy hair and after doing smoothing, it can be curled to get a wavy effect.


  • plates made up of ceramic;
  • recovery from excess heat in very less time;
  • heat settings which can be changed to support different types of hair;
  • heat increasing capacity up to 430 deg F.


  • the curling irons main feature is having ceramic plating and this helps a lot to make the most frizzy hair into wavy natured;
  • due to high heating capacity, even the most complicated hair type can be turned beautiful;
  • it can sustain heat for a long time without getting jammed.


Due to the large plate size, the iron has the capacity to give burns, if held too long near scalp.

Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron

This curvy curling machine is suitable to any natural hair, may it be straight, frizzy or anything. The barrel of this is made of ceramic. The main plus point of this machine is that it has 10 types of heat settings. Read my complete review here.


  • the barrel of this iron itself has curves to create waves;
  • heat can be increased to 410 deg F in 30 seconds;
  • the barrel is made up of ceramic;
  • the types of heat setting available in the iron are 10;
  • the tool has an option of auto shut off;
  • there is a swivel cord which is in 360 deg.


  • the main advantage of the product is the swivel cord, which can make frizz-free curls for any type of hair perfectly;
  • this iron is the best choice to whoever wants to make the curls look natural;
  • the 10 heat setting also are very good to use, since the heat can be adjusted according to the hair type and the style we are hoping for in 10 different ways.


The product looks little complicated and gives the impression that it can’t be handled by naïve users.

Conair S8 Minipro You Wave Ultra Ceramic Styler

This is the only top product which has three barrels. By using them, anything can be done with hair, including creating waves. It also has a two plug system and can be used in any part of the world without having any trouble.


  • there are three barrels to this curling iron;
  • the plates are made up of ceramic;
  • the product supports fast heating;
  • there is a dual plug system, which can be used in any place and any country;
  • there is a pouch, which is given along with this tool to protect one’s hands from excess heat.


  • the 3 plates system has the advantage of having two types of curling iron at once;
  • the dual plug system proves to be really useful to people who travel a lot;
  • the iron is small and can be easily carried to anywhere.


The curling iron due to its small size may not be very effective if the hair is too long or thick.

Revlon Amber Waves Gold Curling Iron

This 24 karat gold-plated barrel machine is an amazing invention for curling short hair. Its small size gives an advantage of using it without much effort for a long period of time.


  • the 24 karats gold-plated barrel is the product’s main and attractive feature;
  • the heat up can be done from zero to highest in 60 seconds;
  • the highest temperature is 375 deg F;
  • the cord given is very smooth and it doesn’t take much effort to hold it for a long time;
  • the plug system, attached to it is of the dual system.


  • this can be termed as the perfect curling iron for people with short hair;
  • this product holds the heat really well for a longer time interval;
  • the curls would remain for so long, when done with this product even without the use of a hairspray.


The tool works very well only when we give small amounts of hair to it to style. If we give it large chunks, the hair has the possibility to get stuck in the chord.

Bed Head Rock ‘n’ Roller Ceramic Styling Iron

This curling iron helps anyone who works in a windy environment, to have their styled even without any shield. Even if one forgets to use hairspray, the tool keeps the styling for a long time. The perfect curls, that the machine gives stays longer even in adverse conditions.


  • the bubbled curl iron gives perfect curls;
  • the heat settings are multiple;
  • the heat is very much distributed evenly;
  • the product is given a free glove to resist heat;
  • there is a bonus of slip-free mat.


  • even under high curl destroying environments like windy fields, the curls do not get bothered from perfection;
  • long and thick hair can be made as easily manageable hair;
  • the glove protects from heat.


There could be little problems for people who are new to using hair styling tools in operating this.

These are some of the best curling iron for waves in the market. By using these tools one can make any amount of frizzy hair into beautiful, wavy hair in no time without involving expensive makeover in salons or hours consumed to do them.