Whats the Best Curling Iron For Thick Hair

While there are different choices available commercially to select the best curling iron for thick hair, it is always required to look into the features and specifications of each machine. Clipless curling iron gives versatile and creative coiffure whereas steam hair curler is yet another option to provide heat to the hair and create tight curls.

Barrels made of tourmaline or ceramic are usually better to go for hair curling as the Teflon barrels are not advisable when you want smooth and healthy curls. The size of the barrel is yet another important aspect while choosing the best curling iron for thick hair. 1-inch medium barrel is a great choice for girls having thick mane.

Advantages of using a curling iron would be the immense styling you get to provide to your hair. They can be used to create curls to resemble corkscrew and beach waves. However, you cannot neglect the cons of it as heat and steam might take away the natural luster of your hair making it look lifeless.

Nonetheless, several people love to curl their hair. And if appropriate care is taken it will prove to be a great style to your hair.

Top 5 Best Curling Iron For Thick Hair Product Comparisons

Sultra The Bombshell Curling Iron Rod, 1.5-inch

This lightweight curling iron helps to get round and aptly held curls to present you the best style. It is perhaps the most recommended curling iron for thick and hair owing to its user-friendliness and easy to understand auto operating buttons.


  • heats up rapidly;
  • light weighed, hence easy to handle and portable for travel;
  • auto shut off button.

Quite good for women having long hair, this hair curler is recommended by professional stylists. For those who want bigger curls and get off from the usual styling of tight curls, this is a good alternative. The auto operating buttons help to adjust the heat and gets shut down automatically when the heat reaches to a certain extent. Apart from its advantages, the only factor that might pinch you is its price. This device from Sultra is quite heavy on the pockets, so it will be more like an investment.

Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron

The curl obtained from this device remains as they are for few days. Its smooth barrels don’t pull the hair and heats up quite fast.


  • patent plus technology intelligent enough to sense heat loss and furbish up instantly;
  • extra heat;
  • heat setting which is variable and controlled up to 430 degrees;
  • extra long cord, up to 8 feet;
  • soft grip for easy handling.

The multiple settings of the hair curler help the user to operate and regulate it quite conveniently. This device mostly suits to the women who have short and thick hair. Few users complain about the significant uses of the clamp present in the device. The usage of this curling iron is better known to the professional hair stylists, therefore, it needs supervision of the specialists while using.

Hot Tools Professional Marcel Curling Iron

This hair styling device from Hot Tools promises you celebrity-worthy curls, as few readers say. The product has quite a decent longevity and the curls produced by the same also last for a long time.


  • plus technology for heat adjustment;
  • secure grip and soft handle for easier usage;
  • flo up stand for safety;
  • multiple barrel size ranging from 1-inch to 1 ¼-inch, ½-inch, 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch for versatile looks.

The products from Hot Tools require a little practice so that the heat can be adjusted as per the requirement. The handle of the device can be folded and released to as the curls formed spin all by its own. This device is best curling iron for thick hair and also goes well with short and long hair. However without some professional knowledge, you might burn your hair owing to the heat.

Conair Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

Tourmaline used for barrels provides smoother and shiny curls. Different barrels sizes are yet another advantage of this product. Moreover, Conair is one the trusted brands in the field of hair styling devices.


  • maintains constant temperature and assures a uniform furbishing up of heat;
  • temperature manageable up to 200 degrees;
  • auto operations.

This kind of device from Conair is the best curling iron for thick hair and serves well to those having long hair. Coming in a much affordable price and with different barrel sizes it is a decent option for everyone who wants professional styling at home. However, the auto shut down button might be a wrong thread for few people as it turns itself off after a certain temperature limit.

Remington T-Studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand

The ceramic wand of the product infused with the technology of pearls makes the surface smooth enough to slide. High temperature also lets your curls remain tightened and stays on throughout the day.


  • tapered barrels that comes with a size from ½-inch to 1-inch;
  • auto shut off button;
  • ceramic pearl finish.

The one from Remington gets heated up quickly and has a smooth and tapered wand to offer the user with natural looking curls. With 1-inch barrel size, it is the best curling iron for thick hair. However, the product might be tricky to use and might let you get discouraged in the initial period.

While there are different curling irons available in the market, it is quite tricky to choose the best curling iron for thick hair. With the above review set up, I tried to give an insight to the leading curling irons trending in the market now.

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