What is The Best Clipless Curling Iron?

My previous article described about the various 2-inch curling iron. This article is a review set up to let you gain an overall insight about clipless curling iron. Clipless irons aren’t the perfect choice for rookies. When you have enough experience in handling those traditional spring curling irons, you can handle these better.

Before buying a clipless iron for curling, you should be know how to make your hair thicker and longer, because everything hair irons are damaging your hairs every day of using them. For example, if you have long hair, then bigger barrel size like 1 inch is better. On the flip side, for shorter hair, ½, 3/8 and 5/8 inch barrel sizes are considered better for obtaining short and tight curls.

The material of the barrel is usually made of titanium, or ceramic/tourmaline. While the titanium barrels get heated up quickly and is less pricey, the ceramic/tourmaline curler claims to be the best for hair. The latter is expensive and is recommended for those who love curling hair more frequently. Additionally, the barrel needs to be properly coated so that it doesn’t wear away with time.

While there are several advantages of using a clipless iron, it is always recommended to be bought with an additional glove. If the iron contains the glove in its packaging, then it is well and fine; otherwise first time users should mind buying it separately for better safety.

Here is a brief review that focuses on the best clipless curling irons that are trending in the fashion market now

Hot Tools White Curly Q Tapered Iron CI-33X

This clipless curling iron is more advantageous as its cool tip ensures safety and makes you stay prevented from getting your fingers burnt. The temperature controller also makes sure that you manage you curls well without heating it excessively.


  • variant barrel size that ranges from 1¼, ½ to 1, and 3/8 to ¾-inch;
  • rheostat controller makes a quick start-up;
  • power indicator light for On/Off notification.

The curling iron gets heated up to 400 degrees and makes smooth bigger curls with bigger barrel sizes in just 10 minutes. For tightly held curls, a maximum of 25 minutes is required. The absence of the clamp also prevents the tip of the hair from getting fried. The device is apt for usage by women having thin and long hairs. Few people even use it without the application of any hair gel or hair spray and still the curls remain tight. On the flip side, the curler might not be a decent choice if you want to obtain true ringlet curls.

Bed Head BH313 Orange Crush 1-inch Styler

This clipless curling iron is perfect for lush and thick haired women. The affordability of this hair styler makes it one of the best choices among contemporary women. It can let you style your hair within max 20-25 minutes.


  • need not use a clamp;
  • the inclusion of a protective glove for safety;
  • rapid heat recover makes the heat-up time to remain balanced;
  • 1-inch barrel provides larger round curls.

The hair styling device gets heated up quickly. Initially it might be a little tricky to use but with time it gets super friendly. The 1 inch barrel size even helps the user to get thick round curls. Apt for long hairs, this styler is a must have for any modern woman. Additionally, the unique color combination of orange and metallic makes it look more elegant. The drawback would be its heating again which might burn hair if not done properly.

Cortex Curling Iron Clipless 2 inch with Ceramic/Tourmaline Head

This clipless curling iron is apt for straight long hair that has a medium coarse texture. The iron heats up quickly for immediate usage.


  • the dual voltage of 110-240 Volts and frequency of 50/60 Hz;
  • long heat resistant cord for improved functionality;
  • negative ions make hair become smooth and shiny.

The hair styling device comes with great price and the ceramic/tourmaline head provides smother and rounder curls. The large barrel size is apt for long hair and it just takes few second to get them. Its’ cons would be the absence of temperature controller and On/Off switch which doesn’t let you adjust the temperature by yourself.

Enzo Milano Cilindrico Curling Iron Round (25mm)

The 1-inch barrel sized clipless curling iron from Enzo series is an unmatched competition which allows you to design your mane in the most creative manner. Built with ceramic coating and Tribostatic TM heat sink, this curler ensures even heat distribution.


  • aluminum Teflon coated barrel for providing silkier and frizz free curls;
  • quick heat recovery with the help of ceramic coating;
  • 25 mm or 1-inch barrel size for bigger curls;
  • revolving handle for easy handling and usage.

This hair styler heats up superfast and lets you redesign your hair in just 30 minutes on an average. It works best on thin and straight hairs to create those beachy curls. The effect of those curls generated by Enzo Milano curler remains for a good 3-4 days. Coming to the cons; price might be a concern for many. One needs to use a heat protecting spray for preventing damage.

Herstyler 18-25 mm Grande Curling Iron

This lightweight Herstyler is perfect for generating curls up to 1-inch round diameter. Although the brand may not attract you for the first time, but the reviews for the same are quite decent. With a thermal glove it makes your hair curling experience even more convenient.


  • ultra lightweight facilitating good portability;
  • tourmaline/ceramic barrels for getting smoother and silkier curls;
  • releases negative ions which eliminates frizz.

This hair styling device is a decent option over flat curling irons. Coming in much affordable price, this curler values each of your pennies spent. One disadvantage would be its usage which requires to be done very professionally, such that you do not burn your fingers or hair.

The above article describes how you can use a clipless curling iron for pulling out the maximum benefits out of it. With 5 different product reviews, I hope you gained knowledge about proper hair styling by clipless irons and wands.

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