What is The Best 1-Inch Curling Iron

The guide to get perfect wavy hair was elaborately defined in the previous post. Here is one more guide to help you get the most beautiful styles out of your hair. A perfect coiffure is what makes a perfect day. The straight hair trend is taking swerves and girls are getting attracted towards curly locks. Therefore choosing the right curly iron is a must before you go for styling your hair differently. The 1-inch curling iron are apt for this purpose as they provide loosely held curls which do not look over dramatized.

For obtaining brilliant curls, it is of utmost requirement to look for the technologies used in a curling iron and the size of the barrel. Apart from these two specifications, you also need to understand the type of hair you have and choose the styling accordingly. One would basically find two different types of curling irons, namely, Spiral or Spring and Marcel. The former type is less expensive and can be used on a regular basis, while the latter iron refers to be used only professionally by hair styling experts. One may not use it at home all by self and hence expert guidance and recommendation is necessary. For creating waves in the hair, you need to give extra care on the temperature and need to distribute the heat evenly through the curls. Few curling irons create ripple-like waves in the hair giving luster, shine and smoothness to it.

For normal hair the temperature should ideally range within 180-190 degrees while for those hairs which need little extra care like coarse and thick hair, the temperature should be maintained between 190-210 degrees. The curling irons are quite handy and easy to use, however; you need to have a close watch on the temperature so that it doesn’t over dry your hair. The more the temperature and heat is the more will be the damage in your hair in near future.

There are several 1-inch curling iron available in the markets nowadays. You can also go for online shopping for these irons where you can compare the specifications and product description of each iron set with one another. Such type of irons creates frizzes and tight curls in the hair which stay on your hair for a good long period. The different types of 1-inch curling iron are described below in greater detail. Read on to learn more about these wonder products for your lovely locks.

Bed Head Bh318 Curli Pops Tourmaline Ceramic Tapered Curling Iron

This ceramic tapered curling iron helps you create both loose and tight curls through the entire length of your hair. The pivoted cords make the product friendly and handy for use.


  • The 1-inch curly pops lets you adjust your hair making it nappy;
  • The multi-switch device adjusts heat;
  • Even heat distribution without creating kinks;
  • On/off switches with lights for easy functionality.

Bed Head brand is a good reputation in itself which is known for providing affordable styling products since years. The curling effect created by this styler stays on your hair for an entire night. The presence of tourmaline in the device delivers the negative ions which neutralize the positive charge in the hair which ultimately makes it smooth and fills with luster. The presence of ceramic content helps eliminate the extra frizzes from the hair and thereby making it manageable. This hair styling device is perfect for thick and coarse hair. One thing that would come as a disadvantage is the absence of a temperature controller. There is only one button and the temperature remains same throughout its operation.

Conair Supreme Triple Curling Iron Pack- ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1-inch

This unique hair styling pack comes with three different barrel sizes of 1-inch for tightly held curls, ¾ inch for wavy curls and ½ inch for tight curls.


  • Presence of steel barrels for fulfilling your styling needs;
  • Fashionable design and coating for a feminine feeling;
  • A built-in counter is provided with an indicator light to make it more user-friendly.

This kind of curling iron set is a cost-effective solution as one would get all three types of barrel sizes compacted in a single device. Conair is also a well-appreciated brand name in the field of curling iron devices. It is a perfect device for both short and long hairs. However, there are several customers who complain that the iron takes a long time to get heated up.

Conair Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

The Conair Professional curling iron set makes long-lasting tight curls and tourmaline ceramic surface glides on the hair easily to provide fantastic curls to your mane.


  • Instant heating technology, as the devices gets heated up within 30 seconds of plugging in;
  • Uniform heat recovery throughout the hair;
  • The tourmaline ceramic has a property of emitting negative ions to add luster to your hair by reducing the frizzes;
  • Easy storage.

This hair styling device is much applauded and the presence of protective heat shield helps for a better usability. A really handy product at a much affordable price, this product heats up fast and the auto shut off button is quite helpful when you are not around. It is a very good product for the thick and coarse-haired beauties. The only flaw can be the auto shut down button again, which sometimes shuts down all by itself when you are using it and the product goes beyond its heating capacity.

Conair Instant Heating Curling Iron

The 1-inch curling iron product from Conair Instant heating iron is quite helpful in creating medium to large-sized loose curls. The effect stays on the hair for a good 6-8 hours. The greater scope of precision and usability makes it a unique device among others.


  • You can choose between 15 different temperature settings;
  • Dual voltage to ensure proper heat flow and the presence of electronic touch pad in control switches makes it user-friendly;
  • Gets a high temperature within seconds of plugging in.

The Conair instant hair styling iron is a value for money and worth buying. The dual voltage is really helpful when you are traveling to different countries it comes quite handy.  Works fabulously on shoulder length thick and coarse hair. The holding point is really close to the barrel which might make you accidentally switch off the device.

Travel Smart by Conair 1inch Ceramic Curling Iron

This typical curling iron comes is both golden and black color. The product is quite affordable and can be obtained by anybody.


  • made of plastic and therefore shock absorbent;
  • instant heating up;
  • the presence of heat shield for easy storage;
  • restores the barrel temperature automatically.

This hair styling device has smooth barrels and therefore the hair glides within it quite smoothly. The heat level can be chosen and set up according to the requirement. Moreover, the product is quite affordable. The only drawback could be that you might have to carry an extra travel adapter to whichever country you fly.

A perfect smart iron is always required for getting those perfect locks; therefore choose your 1-inch curling iron wisely!!