Jose Eber 19mm Curling Iron Review


  • the wand has a smooth barrel and handle that makes handling it easier and makes wrapping the hair easy too;
  • it’s a lightweight machine, making handling and holding it while the curling session very less strenuous on hands and shoulders;
  • the barrel is aluminum coated for better heat induction.


  • The wand heats up really fast and no clamp being present to hold the hair, your fingers doing the job may get burnt in the process and thus you should use the protective gloves.

Jose Eber 19 mm curling iron works as a charm on straight hair. Any type of straight hair is manageable and can be curled with this iron. You may have oily or dry hair, silky or rough hair, thin or thick hair. Whatever is your hair type, if you want to curl it and style it, then this product is the answer.

Jose Eber 19mm Curling Iron Features

  • lightweight stylish design;
  • a 19mm clipless barrel;
  • ceramic barrel body;
  • swivel cord with hook;
  • 8 feet length cord;
  • heavy handle to safely rest hands;
  • dual voltage 110-140v;
  • 410 f temperatures;
  • negative ion technology;
  • lifetime warranty.

The perfect hair curling iron

If you are planning to go for a party, or a friend’s place, maybe a date or a night out, or just getting ready for some modeling assignment etc, then you might want to do some experiment and styling with your straight hair. What could be more exciting than to get some nice curls in your hair? Hair straightening though makes your hair much more manageable and presentable, yet looks boring sometimes. Thus everyone wants to spice up their hair-do with some nice curls. To get curls that looks completely natural, and lasts longer than any other hair curler can give you, this curling iron does a splendid job for you.

Crimp free healthy curling

To work on all types of hair, and give the best results, the ceramic curling iron has some great features. The first thing to impress its users is its clip free design. This enables curling the hair on it from root to tip. This has great advantages on your hair’s health and looks. Generally, on clipped hair curlers, the hairs can be curled from tip to root. This heats the weaker parts of the hair that is the tips more, and damages the tips with split ends, and also a crimped end of the hair. But a root to top curling eliminates these problems, the root being the healthiest part getting natural oil secretions for their protection.

Easy removal of curler from hair

The curler has a non-stick coating to make it easier on taking it off the curled strands. Besides the body is stylish and comes on different colors and designs. Gloves are provided to ensure maximum protection of your hands from heat while holding the curler iron. Moisture in hair causes the frizzy look. To avoid that, this product has a negative ion technology implemented in it.

Tangle-free swivel cord

The next fabulous feature in it is the 360-degree swivel cord. This cord is such designed that it will automatically fall off the curler however you hold it, and whichever angle you hold it. This makes sure that the cord does not come in the way of your strands and the hot iron, and cause any unwanted damage. Also, the cord provided is a pretty eight feet long. This makes it the best curling iron which is very comfortable to work with a lot of ease in mobility.

How to use

  1. Dry your hair totally before starting.
  2. Put on gloves in your hand which will hold the hair. This ensures protection from heat.
  3. Hold the curler base close to the scalp with the tip of the wand facing downwards.
  4. Take one inch volume of the hair. Next, wind your hair from root to tip, and keep it in curling position for 5 seconds.
  5. Do not pull the iron back. Hold it in lace, and by the tip of the hair, let the strand go off.

You are done with the curling. The styling done with this curling iron will then last for a full day, and in most cases up to two days in all types of straight hair. Now you can enjoy curls in hair without the use of any hair sprays or gels etc. The curler iron is alone enough to give you great curls in no time, and that too with long-lasting results which you will want to get again and again.