Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron Review


  • the light iron is easy on your arms making it’s operation quite comfortable;
  • you can control the temperature through the heat settings and use it even more comfortable;
  • the long tip of the iron is cooler than the body which protects you hands or fingers from burning;
  • the iron heats up in a very short time making it easier to curl hair quickly.


  • It may not work for thin hair.

Hot Tools Professional Curing Iron with Multi-Heat Control is one of the most popular curling irons on the market. This curling iron is a traditionally designed tool that every woman can use to add a little more edge to her looks. The iron comes with amazing features, which will help you create incredible curls.

While this curling iron is very popular, it is a good idea to know more about it before you rush to buy it.

  • will the Hot Tools professional curling iron provide you with what you are looking for?
  • will the curling iron wand give value for your money?
  • what features can you expect from the iron?

This article will try to answer the above questions and present you with useful information that will guide you when buying the Hot Professional Curling Iron. We will also look at some of the curling iron reviews by customers who have used this product and their feedback’s.

Fast heat-up

One of the things I love about the Hot Tools Curling Iron is the amazing fast heat-up feature. With 85 watts of power, you no longer have to wait a long time for the iron to heat up so that you can start curling your hair. The power of the iron sees to it that it heats up to the temperature you want within few seconds. The high temperature that the hair curler wand can achieve also ensures that you have perfect and firmer curls.

Wide smooth barrel

The Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron comes with a wide barrel curling iron, which is an advantage for women with long hair as it adds enough volume. The barrel is also very smooth, giving your hair smooth curls. The hot tools curling iron is a one-stop shop for smooth curls and you will not even need to use a flat-iron to smooth them. The barrel also comes with a gold coating, which is modern, exceptional and fashionable.

A separate on and off switch.

I love the fact that Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron comes with a separate on and off switch. This feature allows the rheostat to memorize the heat settings. You can therefore set your iron to a particular heat temperature and the iron will stay at that point without the need of adjusting it.

Ease of use

The Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron with Multi Heat Control is easy to handle and use. I love the fact that it is light and therefore you do not hurt when curling your air. This is especially if you are one of the women with a lot of hair on the head.

How to use

The curling iron comes with a very powerful spring clamp which keeps the hair very cleanly and tightly in place while curling it. To use the iron you must follow the steps below

  • put on the iron with the on-off switch;
  • hold the piece of hair you want to curl, and then clamp it within the barrel by the tip of the strand;
  • now wind up the whole strand in the barrel, and wait till it heats up
    as it gets heated up the hair gets the shape;
  • there is a heat controller that lets you set the temperature. use it as required to give the shape and finish as wanted.

Value for your money

The curling iron is very affordable and you can get it even at half the price of what you can pay for other curling irons. Free shipping is also offered within the United States. In addition, the benefits of this hot tools curling iron, which includes stylish design, perfect curls and a fast heat-up, are more than worth the price. With these numerous benefits and the amazing price, I do not see the reason why any woman should not own one.

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Key Features

The curling iron Hot Tools has many amazing benefits, which include:

  1. The curling iron is very light which means you will not strain your arm when using it. It also requires very little energy to operate and it is thus very efficient.
  2. It comes with a temperature-controlling dial meaning you can set the temperature to the intensity you are comfortable with, leaving you in control.
  3. The hot tools professional curling iron has a long cool tip, which will protect you from accidental burns when you are curling your hair.
  4. The heat-up feature of this iron allows it to heat to high temperatures in just a short period of time.


The only drawback that customers have complained about this iron is that it may not be hot enough for your entire hair. However, the heat dial-up control rectified this problem and you can increase the temperature if it is not hot enough. On the other hand, you can blow dry the hair before curling it for the perfect results.