Get Wavy Curling Hair With Curling Iron

Hair curling is always a contemporary in fashion as well as straight hair. It makes you look different. Even if you have straight hair with using best hair straightening brush or if you are just unwilling to perm it permanently, you can still get curling hair with curling iron. But of course you must choose the one that is best in offering the best output as well as at the best price.

Curling Hair With Curling Iron – Difficulties in finding the best curling iron

Finding the right type of curling hair is a very difficult job. And with so many curling irons, it becomes even confusing for you to choose the right curling iron that will give you silky and shiny curled hair. Here are a gist of those difficulties that you have faced mostly, so that you get to know how to choose the best curling iron and also the best way to curl hair with curling iron.


The size of the barrel of any curler makes it quite difficult for anyone to choose from amongst the varieties. It is this that determines the size of your curls. Check out my article on how to use curling iron of various sizes to know more about curling iron sizes.

Heat control

There are many curlers that do not offer a heat control system and hence often burns hair. Even low heat curlers will not be able to curl thick, coarse and already curly hair.


The material of the plates is not up to the mark always. Those who do not know how to curl naturally curly hair with a curling iron, often end up buying chrome irons, whereas the ceramic ones are best.


Most curlers do not offer different ways to curl your hair with a curling iron. This makes it difficult for buyers to choose best curling irons.

How to get wavy curling hair with curling iron

There are many girls who want to get curling hair using curling iron, you must know about various curlers in market. There are curlers of different shapes and sizes that help in getting curls of different volume and length.

Curly hair can be of different sizes. Long curls to short curls to medium curls, you can them all if you know how to curl curly hair with a curling iron.

Long hair

Long hair is a cause of much trouble to everyone who has it. Although you have to take a lot of pain to make your hair beautifully stunning like Rapunzel, having a hairstyle on them is not an easy job at all. And if you do not know how to get curling hair with curling iron, then you must get a clear idea of the best curler for your hair type.

1 and ¼ inch Hot Tools Professional 1110

Choose the 1 and ¼ inch Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control curler for your long hair. It is best suitable for long hair. With its thick barrel, it is quite easy to hold and understand how to make the curls all by yourself, without the help of others. It has a soft handle that is very easy to have a grip on and control the curler. It heats up quite fast and therefore, heating is quick and even. With best material, it has a very long shelf-life, increasing its usability.


  • 24K gold plated barrel;
  • heavy duty extra long cool tip;
  • separate on and off button.

Short Hair

Most people in this world have short hair. With the best curler, you can tackle your tresses and curl them into bouncy or wavy or deeply curvy like naturally curly hair. But you must find the best curler in the market. If you frequently ask yourself how do I curl my hair with a curling iron, you will get the answer here.

Hot Sticks by Conair

If you have been wondering how you will get curling hair with curling iron, this iron is very good. The best part of Hot Sticks by Conair is that it can give you a good volume in your hair. Even in your short hairs, you can have your most dreamt of thick curls. It has a hot brush that will maintain the smoothness and shine that you have always wanted in your hair so that it does not look flat even if they are short. As this brush is also hot, it maintains this shine for long.


  • instant heat of 30 seconds;
  • uniform heat;
  • dual voltage.

Medium Hair

For both long and short hair, there is something of other hairstyle. But those who have a hair length somewhere in the middle, they suffer from a big problem. So, they must know how to curl curly hair with curling iron. This is a very good way to increase the looks of your hair.

Hot Tools HTBW1851

This is a very handy curler. It has a tapered condition and that is why, it can suit hair with medium length. The design of this curler is so unique that they can easily help you understand how to get curling hair with curling iron. It has a very high heat range that can heat itself up until 450 degree Fahrenheit. The users will also get gloves free with this device that are absolutely heat resistant. Thus you can curl the hair without any trouble of damaging your hands by drawing heat towards her.


  • Powerful spring clamp;
  • Foldaway safty stand;
  • 8 inch long swivel.

Fine Hair

There are many people who do not have thick and long hair (check out my post on best curling iron for long hair), rather suffer from fine and thin hair. They can be frizzy and brittle and hence cannot withstand heat as well as any styling. If you are one of them and want to know how to use a curling iron on curly hair, you must choose a best curler.

Hot Tools Professional Htg1851 Tapered Curling Iron

The Hot Tools Professional Htg1851 Tapered Curling Iron is a very good curler that can help the brittle and thin haired girls a beautifully wavy and curly hair. With moderate heat that can be easily controlled, this will help you to get smooth curls with its ½-inch to 1-inch long plates. As you will get an extra long cool tip, you can be assured that your hair will not burn away. Just make sure that you know how to use it and get curling hair with curling iron.


  • 8 ft professional cord;
  • heat resistant gloves free;
  • foldaway safety stand.

Coarse Hair

If you have stubborn and coarse hair that cannot be manipulated into any good hairstyle, you can now be assured that you can get curling hair with curling iron with the best curler in market. You just need to choose a curler that will give even heating.

Hype Hair by Conair Instant Ultra-Hot 1/2 Inch Curling Iron

This curler is designed by keeping the difficulties that are caused by coarse hair, in mind. With a good instant and ultra hot heating system, this helps you to get maximum smoothness and make sure that your curls stay intact for a long time. For giving you a consistent styling, this curling iron has been designed to maintain an optimum temperature. As coarse hair is stubborn, curls often disappear. And to make sure that stay longer, there is also an additional Turbo Het feature that can increase the temperature of the iron to almost 20 degree centigrade.


  • 30-second heat-up;
  • ½ inch gold barrel;
  • 30 heat settings.

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