Dry Shampoo Spray

When time is not on your side or when there’s no water available, washing and styling your hair is an impossibility! How about on those in between washings days? When your hair starts to look dirty, or smell smokey from nightclubs or even from work, there’s just no way to get that smell out.

Well, at least that would be true if you didn’t have a can of one of the most ingenious beauty products on the market: Dry Shampoo Spray!

What is it?

Basically it’s a dry spray shampoo! And what it is, is a great way to take unwashed hair from greasy and limp to fabulous and fresh! By using ingredients that combat the natural oils created in the scalp of unwashed hair, dry shampoo sprays remove the greasiest and give users a clean smelling, easier to manage, ready to be styled head of hair.

How do I use it?

Using dry shampoo sprays couldn’t be any easier. Simply part hair, shake can well, hold about 10-12 inches from the head and spray. A fine mist of powdery spray will then begin to do it’s magic. Let dry for a few minutes and brush out. Be careful of white residue and cover shoulders when using to protect clothing. Don’t worry, if you follow the simple directions, you’ll do fine and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this stuff!

Where do I get it?

Nearly everywhere! Especially on the Internet where every brand and type is available at your fingertips. Look also at beauty supply stores, major drug retailers and large grocery markets.

What kind of dry shampoo spray should I get?

There are many options to choose from such as colored dry shampoo sprays for every hair color, various scents, volume producing for certain hair types, etc. Keep in mind that colored dry shampoo sprays will stain clothing and will stain sheets and hands. It is very important to brush as much of the residue out after spraying. Also, try out a few different brands starting with the less expensive ones and moving your way up. This will help you see, smell and feel the differences for yourself.