Cortex 4 in One Curling Iron Set Review


  • The iron is clipless and comes with four barrels of 0.5 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch, and 2 inch, all of which are manually interchangeable;
  • Temperature can be seen in the digital display and can be controlled;
  • It has far-infrared technology that distributes heat evenly across hair length and volume.


  • The only problem with the product is, it gets extreme hot (up to 450F) which may burn fingers badly if not used with heat resistant gloves.

Cortex 4 in One Curling Iron Set is an advanced device that helps to curl hair strands efficiently. This clipless curling iron product utilizes ceramic tourmaline technology to create attractive and durable curls. The amazing new device possesses 4 interchangeable heads. Users can simply interchange the heads to curl their hair from smallest to largest curls.

Cortex is a reputed brand that deals in advanced and innovative beauty products through various periods. This latest innovative hair curler is truly unique in design and has distinctive properties. The device turns out to be a necessary product for modern women who love to flaunt curly hair. Perhaps it is one of the better curling iron for waves, which has certainly become a hot trend in the latest fashion statement for most women.

Girls willing to have curly hair do not have to brood any longer. Even those with curly hairs, can make them shinier and long-lasting with uniform attractive curls using this innovative Cortex 4 in One Curling Iron Set.

Features of Cortex 4 in One Curling Iron Set

4 Different Interchangeable Heads

The device comes with 4 interchangeable heads of varying dimensions – ½-inch; 3/4th-inch; 1 ¼-inch and 1 ½-inch. This allows users to interchange the heads easily and get superb curling result.

Ceramic Tourmaline

This latest hair curling iron comes with four interchangeable ceramic tourmaline heads, varying slightly in length. The device emits negative ion that helps to smooth your hair strands and even make them silkier.

Far Infrared

This advanced gadget operates with far infrared technology. 4 in 1 curling iron is a trendy, sleek, non-slipping and ergonomic product. It is highly beneficial due to the technology of far-infrared that helps to spread heat evenly across the hair and prevent damage. The appliance reaches maximum heat within a few moments. You can control the temperature varying up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Digital Display

An additional digital display helps to measure and control effective temperature that any user finds suitable for curling hair. The device also comes with additional heat resistant gloves. It also operates under dual voltage, which makes it a multi-utility device. The hair curling iron turns out to be beneficial to design effective curly hair that lasts for almost a day. The curls start to fall, as the day passes.

The curling iron helps in even distribution of heat throughout the hair surface. It is an advanced gadget that avoids hot spot damage effect. The ceramic rods help to emit negative ions, along with infrared heat. This eventually helps to restore the pH balance and moisture content. The device is also very gentle to hair strands and causes minimal damage to the cuticle.

Far infrared electro-magnetic rays penetrate deeper into hair shafts and increase volume of hair. It also takes care of the overall health of hair strands.

Latest hair curling iron from Cortex, release negative ions that prevent fungi and bacterial growth. It also breaks water molecules and help in deeper penetration.

Versatility and Comfort

The Cortex 4 in One Curling Iron Set is certainly a versatile product. It helps to shape up luscious and long wavy hair, apart from small and tight ringlets. Just check out the latest product and start styling and experimenting on newer enhanced appearance every day.

Ergonomically designed handle offers superior comfort level while using the device. An additional pre-set programming feature also helps to set the device on preferred timer mode for effective use.

How to use

Cortex 4 in 1 curling iron comprises of wonderfully designed 4 different sized barrels so that you can trigger your styling senses and produce wide varieties of wavy loose curls, tight crispy curly hairstyles and much more. But it is very essential that you understand the following steps if you want to use the tool in a professional way and obtain sexy exotic curls.

  1. Dry your hair and brush it until it is smooth without any knots or tangles.
  2. Apply a supreme quality heat resistant beauty product on your hair and evenly spread it by brushing your hair gently.
  3. Section the hair in to equal partitions and clip it in order to hold on tightly. Leave the bottom section down to create curls first.
  4. Wear the protecting gloves for safety purposes.
  5. Select the barrel size and heat temperature that well suit your hair texture for creating the curls that you prefer to attain.
  6. Take a section of the bottom hair and insert the curling iron from the back in an upside down position. Be careful not to burn your shoulders and damage the skin during the process.
  7. Wrap the hair strands from the scalp downwards and hold it up for 10 to 12 seconds and then unwind the hair gently. Separate the finished curls from the other hair and then start repeating the curling process on all the layers.
  8. Apply a good quality serum to soothe the hair from excess heat exposure and run your fingers to separate the curls.
  9. Now you have obtained the shiny sexy curls that your heart desires.
  10. You can experiment your skills by trying different types of curly styles by using this Cortex 4 in one curling iron.

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