Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron Review

I must say that I am amazed by the design, stylish and the versatility of the Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron. What fascinates me most about this curling iron is that it is affordable and yet it works as well as the expensive model.

Here is a rundown on some of the amazing features of the Conair curling iron

  1. automatic power off – turns off automatically after being left unused for some time;
  2. conair instant heat technology;
  3. 25 heat settings;
  4. dual voltage setting;
  5. touch pad controls;
  6. safety stand.

Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron features

Heats up fast

This hair curling iron features Instant Heat Technology from Conair, which allows the curling iron in less than one minute. It also features a Turbo Heat feature, which boost the temperature and a Uniform Heat Recovery feature that maintains the barrel temperature to optimum. I love the fact that unlike other models, you spend very little time waiting for this curling iron to heat up to the temperature you want.

Adjustable heat setting

Unlike other hair curling irons, you can be able to adjust the heat to the level you want when curling your hair. This curling iron features 25 different heat settings allowing you to choose the temperature that best suits your hair type.

Can be used on all types of hair

Conair instant heat iron features 25 heat settings making it perfect for any type of hair.  You can use the hair curling iron on thin hair, thick treated hair and even hard hair. What I love about the multiple heat settings feature is that you can change the temperature while you are curling for maximum results.

Available in 5 sizes, ½ inch, ¾ inch, 1 inch, 1¼ inch and 1½ inch, this curling iron can be used on all types of hair, regardless of the size.

Easy to use

This Conair curling iron features a user-friendly on and off pad that is easy to use. The instant heat technology, 25 different heat settings, automatic on/off and indicator light makes your hair curling faster, better and more convenient. The curling iron also features a Euro design with a sure-grip handle for more comfort, greater control and accurate hair curling.


The Conair hair curling iron last longer than most hair curling iron. The Conair instant heat curling iron comes with a 2-year warranty but some customers have used it for as long as 15 years. With such durability, you can be sure that you will be enjoying the perfect curls this iron gives for years to come.


Conair hair curling iron is a cheaper iron that works just as good as the expensive models.

Dual voltage setting

The Conair instant heat also features a dual voltage setting that allows you to choose the normal 125 volts for North American region or the 250 volts in foreign regions. With this dual voltage setting, you can use your curling iron even when you are traveling abroad.

How to use

Before using the curling iron device it is essential that you take few safety precautions such as never switch on the device while bathing or never place it near water or any locations from where it might fall or be damaged. Always apply high quality serums, shampoos and conditioners before and after exposing your delicate hair to the extreme heat conditions.

Let us see the step by step guide for creating bouncy curls using the Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron.

  1. Blow-dry your hair and remove moisture completely.
  2. Divide your hair in equal sections and clip on the hair strands to hold it firmly during the process. Comb every section of hair strands evenly before winding.
  3. Select the heat temperature from the 25 types of options offered. Set it at the correct heat temperature that will be suitable for your hair texture and perfect for curling your hair to create preferred hair style.
  4. Place the Conair curling device half midway of the hair section and then wrap the hair around the heated barrel and spoon.
  5. Slide the iron gently down to the hair ends and secure every strands of hair by wrapping it under the spoon.
  6. In case you want to create a flip style curl then place the spoon above the segmented hair strands and roll it tightly.
  7. Wind up the barrel to the upper ends of the hair scalp up to where you would want to create curls, but be very careful not to burn the scalp during the process.
  8. According to the length and hair texture hold on the iron in the same position for 8 to 12 seconds.
  9. Press the automatic curl release button and release the hair from the barrel very gently.
  10. Apply healthy supreme quality serum and never comb until it cools.