Conair Infiniti Professional Curling Iron Review


  1. It has many heating levels that can be chosen as per requirement and hair volume.
    Tourmaline Ceramic offers great protection to hair against overheating, getting frizzy and burning off.
  2. Has auto shut off feature to prevent overheating and consumption of excess electricity.


  1. The placement of the power switch is a little cumbersome making your hands go often to it by accident.
  2. The tip though should be remaining cool, yet sores up to a high temperature, and you may get burnt your finger.

Conair is a multinational organization based in the United States. They are a reputed organization deal with a number of beauty care, health, personal care products. Apart from that, they also sell various small appliances for consumers and professionals. The company started its operation in 1959. Through time, they have catered to ten categories of products.

Having a voluptuous and curly hair was not easy for women having straight hair. With a new fashion trend coming into the forefront, curly hair has become a recent trend. Shiny and beautiful curly hairstyle factor revived recently and has been a craze for the moment in modern fashion and styling trend.

Infiniti Conair Ensures Style Statement

A vast number of women possess curly hair, but what about women who have straight hair?
Can they ever enjoy the beauty of curly hair?

Well, modern technology has a simple answer for those who wish to possess attractive curly hair as their style statement. On the other hand, a woman with curly hair also suffers from several factors, mainly excessive frizzy nature. Infiniti Conair curling iron has offered the boon to reduce frizzy hair. As a result, long hair appears to be smoother, curly, bouncy and more attractive than ever. This appliance comes with a limited warranty of 5-years. This device is much lighter and weighs about 1 pound.

Features of Conair Infiniti professional curling iron:

  • protective shield to resist heat;
  • easy storage;
  • 9-inches long swivel cord;
  • 30-second swift and instant ultra heating facility;
  • auto shut down;
  • eliminates frizz through ion emitting technology;
  • emits infra-red energy to offer better hair protection.

Instant heating

The Conair ceramic curling iron has a powerful heater which efficiently heats up within 30 seconds. As a result, you can enjoy the curly effect of your hair for a longer duration. Curling your hair is faster and easier with this new product. This device works effectively to maintain a uniform heat across the iron rods. It will produce and maintain 400 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to curl up your hair strands with care. You can also monitor the temperature readings through a LCD screen and adjust the required temperature accordingly.

Long lasting styling effect

This comparatively smaller curling iron proves to be effective to smooth rough hair. The ceramic and iron rods are a perfect foundation to lend long-lasting voluminous curls on long hair that women crave for to enlighten their beauty. The curling iron device is almost 1.5 inch curling iron. Ultra heating effect, along with the ion emitting technology of advanced tourmaline curling iron turns out to be perfectly designed for your hair.

How to use

In case you are afraid to use a curling iron and is apprehensive to know how to curl your hair with Conair Infiniti professional curling iron, then it is worthy to mention few techniques below:

  1. Just plug-in the iron, monitor the temperature reading on the LCD and set the desired temperature.
  2. Brush your hair enough that no tangles remain. Tangles would ruin the curls, and heat will not be distributed evenly.
  3. Make sure that hair is not wet or damp. To get the best curls hair should be totally dry. If possible blow dry your hair before curling.
    Separate your hair in small sections or strands which will be curled. To get tighter curls the sections should be narrow, and for bouncy and wider curls the sections should be of more volume.
  4. Use clips to clamp all loose strands of hair together, and do not let a strand dangle except the one you will be curling. Only the strand of hair that has just been curled, or the one that will be curled should dangle free.
  5. Now Grab a section of your hair and clamp it between the ceramic rods, and wind it up the entire length. When you do so be careful that no hair gets overlapped, or else the amount of heat will not reach the outer layers resulting in loose or deformed curls.
  6. Gently curl your hair and slide the device to release your hair.
    Immediately wind up the curls of the hair throughout the length to form a curled ball of hair, and clip that to your head. Like this wind up and clip all curled strands.
  7. When you complete curling all hair, then wait till all curled up hair comes to normal temperature. Then open up the clips and release all strands.
  8. Remember not to brush your hair so that curls may last longer.

Things that you must keep in mind while using the product are:

  1. The iron gets heated instantly within 30 seconds. Thus you will have to hold the hair strand winded in it for a little more than 30 seconds to get the perfect curls.
  2. Ceramic coating avoids sticking and burning of hair, yet you should be cautious not to keep the strand of hair for too much time in the clamps.
  3. Infrared technology and ion release technology retains shine and luster of hair, and controls frizz, thus there are no chances of hair getting dull and dry.