Bumble and Bumble Dry Shampoo Hair Powder

Bumble and bumble hair powders are exceptional for cleansing, tinting, and controlling oily hair, adding style to fine hair and quick touch-ups for the roots. Bumble and bumble has a fun and funky trendsetting line of hair care products and their fabulous hair powders are available in black, brown, red, white and blondish.

To use Bumble and bumble’s dry shampoo hair powder, begin with dry, somewhat oily hair and protected clothing. The oily hair is necessary because well, hair powder is made to adhere to the natural oils in somewhat “unclean hair.” If your hair is squeaky clean, follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to give it a surface that the dry shampoo or hair powder will adhere to.

Shake the can of Bumble and bumble hair powder dry shampoo spray and hold it about a foot from your sectioned hair. Aim at the scalp. Penetration of all layers is important. Let the spray dry and shake out any excess with your fingers.

Style as usual or as unusual as you want with Tyme Straightener and Curling Iron!

Bumble and bumble black hair powder is best used on deep dark brown hair and shiny black hair and afros. Our African American, Asian and Hispanic brothers and sisters will enjoy the benefits of this super product. Goths like it too!
Bumble and bumble brown dry shampoo hair powder is recommended for hair colors such as mahogany, chestnut, brunette and chocolate.

Bumble and bumble red hair powder was created for the many shades of red hair. Also for use on rosy tones, reddish browns and strawberry blondes.

Bumble and bumble white dry shampoo hair powder is well suited for hair that is white or silver and for the blondes of platinum, champagne and ash.

Bumble and bumble blondish dry shampoo hair powder is made for darker blondes and light brunettes.

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